Kings Inn Will Be BAK Focus in 2011

By Rebecca Martin

Are you familiar with Patrice Courtney Strong? If you are not, she not only operates New York Energy $mart Communities in Kingston, but she is a strong advocate for many positive initiatives, including the Main Street Manager program that runs out of her headquarters at 446 Broadway in Kingston.

I recently received one of her blasts noting that Kings Inn was to be a BAK (Business Alliance of Kingston) focus in 2011. The next meeting is on January 18th.  Try to attend if you are interested in the future of this project. Here are the details:

Read the NEWSLETTER and take the survey.

Please join us on Tuesday, January 18th, 5pm at our new headquarters, 446 Broadway for BAK’s first meeting of the new year. We’ll be looking for your suggestions as we sketch out our direction for the new year.

We’ve come to believe that formation of a Business Improvement District would be the best way to work on the goals we’ve set out, below. In 2011, we’ll move much closer to making that a reality. Please join us to learn how you can participate, and how to make your voice heard.


Patrice Courtney StrongPresident, Business Alliance of Kingston

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