Complete Streets in Kingston?

According to Wikipedia, a Complete Street is described as: “In urban planning and highway engineering, complete streets are roadways designed and operated to enable safe, attractive, and comfortable access and travel for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transport users of all ages and abilities are able to safely and comfortably move along and across a complete street.[1] Proponents claim that Complete Streets also create a sense of place and improve social interaction, while generally improving property adjacent land values.”

According to Kristen Wilson, Project Director of “A Healthy Kingston for Kids” program through Cornell Cooperative Extension,  an important opportunity is upcoming for Kingston citizens to help support a Complete Street effort in Kingston.

Here’s how:

“Our Complete Streets working group met with the City of Kingston Common Council’s ‘Public Safety, Audit & General Government Committee’ last summer to explore the benefits of Complete Streets. There was positive dialogue about the benefits of safe and vital streets. At their request, the working group drafted a Complete Streets policy, and last Thursday the Committee initiated review of a proposed Complete Streets resolution. While the forthcoming legislative process is uncertain, there is a good chance that the Complete Streets policy will be considered by the full Common Council this Tuesday, November 9, 2010 (meetings start at 7:30).

Interested persons are invited to attend the City Council meeting and speak to the resolution during the Public Comment part of the agenda.

A Common Council Caucus this coming Monday will determine whether the Complete Streets resolution will go forward on Tuesday. Either way, a follow-up note will be distributed on Tuesday afternoon, reviewing progress and confirming whether consideration of the policy will be part of the full-Council’s business that night. In the meantime, to review the proposal, please contact David Gilmour, AICP, Community Planner and Complete Streets Topic Liaison at or (845) 255-6528. To learn more about Complete Streets, including the June presentation, visit the City web page at:

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