Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement Says “You Oughtta Be In Pictures, Kingston”

Here is a great op-ed piece written by Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement for the Kingston Times this week.

“You Oughtta Be In Pictures, Kingston”

2 thoughts on “Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement Says “You Oughtta Be In Pictures, Kingston””

  1. BRAVO!
    As a parent of a son who is in the music entertainment/production field I am hoping that the city council will realize what an opportunity this “welcoming” of the arts would be. My son had to leave the area to pursue his passion and if the council insists on charging fees we could see this happening to more citizens leaving the area who wish to enter this career.. not to mention that these types of businesses will stop knocking on our door. It is so shortsighted for the city to be grabbing at straws when the big picture would be to open up its arms to this type of business and let it expand. It is all about the “ole trickle down” theory.
    As a previous post stated…Kingston has to get over the idea or dream that a major manufacturing firm is coming to town. Right now we have a growing interest of the entertainment community interested in filming here. This is an immediate situation not a lofty dream so lets encourage the flourishing interest in our city. If in the future a manufacturing business does arrive, that will be great too.
    Don’t be so” New York State” that taxes anything that moves. It kills the spirit of up and coming businesses. We can all see this by the mass exodus of businesses from NYS.
    So thankful that Hayes can recognize this. It is a great article and hopefully will open some minds in city government.

  2. Dear Mr. Clement,
    I am writing to you here because I cannot find an e-mail address for you…I live on Levan St in Kingston and I am wondering what you are doing to have this snow removed from our street!!! We barely have any parking as it is and it is becoming a major issue especially with carrying small children and groceries and having to park 3-4 blocks from our homes…
    Your help would be appriciated.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Claude


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