Common Sense: Open Arms to the Film Industry in the City of Kingston

By Rebecca Martin

Come on city officials. It’s one thing to have a lack of ideas on how to create jobs in the area, specificially in the city of Kingston. It’s a whole other ball of wax to be potentially chasing away the lucrative film industry from coming to set up shop here. Good grief.

Lets get real about our budget woes. It’s a tricky, inflated pandoras box not because of the growing costs of city services. It’s due to unrealistic contracts and pensions. So collecting a few thousand dollars from a film production company who stands to pour tens of thousands into our local economy (not to mention a good amount of free press) doesn’t make any sense what-so-ever.

In today’s Daily Freeman, the always sensible Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement is quoted as saying, “By all means, continue to charge, as the city has, for all direct costs associated with film shoots, such as police or other municipal workers. But beyond that, we should be looking at local film producation as an opportunity to market Kingston and develop a new local industry, not as an opportunity to generate fees for City Hall”.

You can count on me being at the front of the line to speak in support of welcoming film production to Kingston. I’m sure there will be dozens of others who will be happy to speak in favor as well.

That IBM chip on our shoulder has got to soften. Those days are over, and Kingson better get with the program to reinvent itself if it wishes to be successful and competitive. We sit in an opportune position right smack dab in the middle of New York City and Albany. It’s a bedroom community waiting to happen if I’ve ever seen one.

2 thoughts on “Common Sense: Open Arms to the Film Industry in the City of Kingston”

  1. Exactly my sentiments. I have already spoken with Hayes regarding this issue and have offered my help and support to make sure this abominable fee collection resolution does not go thru the council. It is so short sighted and they do not realize the potential to shoo away film companies. Film crews and cast members eat at local restaurants and stay in the local hotels . Not mention the local talent they could hire (sound engineers, scoring,musicians, extras and etc). The only fee they should charge would be for the police presence and DPW and I am sure most film companies expect that.
    Just to know a film was shot in Kingston would motivate me even more to check out the flick at the theatre and look for local scenes!! Not to mention waiting until the end of the movie to read the credits. What a great way to advertise the city.

  2. Brilliant write up by Hayes, wonderful, timely support from Rebecca, welcome comment from debbie brown.
    Good writing by all.
    Gerald Berke
    26 Maiden Ln


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