Youth Build Helps Maintain the City of Kingston’s Foreclosed Properties

By Rebecca Martin
(excerpts taken from a letter generated by Fire Chief Rick Salzmann)

With the increasing number of foreclosures that the city of Kingston is experiencing, Building safety is receiving daily complaints regarding properties that are vacant and not being maintained.    In an effort to better deal with these properties, Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement suggested a meeting with Bonnie Landi at YouthBuild. As a result, Youth Build will cut grass and perform basic yard work at vacant properties, where owners have ignored the notices that the Building Safety Department have sent to them.

The property owner will be billed for both the inspection fees and the work that YouthBuild performs.    Fire Chief Rick Salzmann is working with Kingston comptroller John Tuey on how to establish an account to provide materials for YouthBuild from the revenue realized from the charges that the city assesses for the work YouthBuild performs.

If you are having a problem with a neighboring foreclosed property, there is a new hotline number for property complaints that citizens should feel free to use. That number is 845-481-7320 and will be answered during regular business hours with voice mail service when Building Safety is closed.

Talk about a creative solution to a menacing problem. Kudos and thank you to all involved.

1 thought on “Youth Build Helps Maintain the City of Kingston’s Foreclosed Properties”

  1. absolutely brilliant!
    what wonderful and thoughtful actions by Hayes and Landi.
    I am quite proud of these men, and very grateful. Actions like this make me feel safe, cared for. That is great city government.


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