Kingston Residents: Interested in Helping to Developing Walking and Biking Trails in Ulster County?

By Liz Lipton

For residents who are interested in developing walking and biking trails in Ulster County, here is a LINK to American Trails’ Web page with 50+  articles/ research studies on the economic benefits of such trails.

This Web page includes links to studies in the following categories: “Tourism,” “Benefits,” “Business,” “Valuing Trails,” and “Studies.” Here is a sampling of the studies listed in their respective categories.  Some of the studies in “Valuing Trails” and “Studies” are of particular interest to those concerned with property values.

1. Tourism
–  Implementing Trail-Based Economic Development Programs: a handbook for Iowa communities
Attracting bike tourists to your trail: lessons from the Canalway Trail in New York

2. Benefits
Economic Benefits of Open Space, Recreation Facilities and Walkable Community Design
Economic and Social Benefit of Trails in Minnesota

3. Business
The Business of Trails: a compilation of economic benefits by Terry Eastin.
Trails and Revitalization: A Study of the Economics Associated with Public Trails.  
How Methow Valley grew an economy

4.  Valuing Trails
Trails add value to new homes and give the developer the highest investment return
Trails expenditures shown to reduce health-care costs.

5.  Studies
–  Omaha Recreational Trails: Their Effect on Property Values and Public Safety

6. Bibliography
bibliography of economic impact studies related to trails and greenways

This is just a sampling of the 50+ studies, to view the complete listing,  follow this LINK

2 thoughts on “Kingston Residents: Interested in Helping to Developing Walking and Biking Trails in Ulster County?”

  1. The Healthy Kingston for Kids Project includes a Safe Routes to Schools and Parks Committee, which is conducting a GPS/GIS mapping project of unsafe and/or unwalkable/unbikeable routes throughout the city. The committee will analyze the data, and then work with the City of Kingston to identify and apply for funding to make infrastructure changes. This could include a variety of options such as bike lanes and developing non-motorized routes.
    Anyone interested in working with the committee can contact Kristen Wilson and Steve Noble, the committee chairs. Kristen can be reached at
    Arthur Zaczkiewicz

  2. Posted from
    Does anyone have any information on the initiative to connect the Hurley trail along 209 to a paved trail in Kingston , so bicycle riders and walkers could start out in Kingston?

    Alderman’s Hoffay’s response received via email and posted here with his permission:

    Yes, there is indeed such an effort to link Kingston and Hurley with a trail.

    Kevin Cahill was able to obtain a capital grant for Ulster County, which is
    being administered through the County Planning Office. There is a committee in
    place and I believe they are moving towards the design phase right now.

    The plan is to follow the old railroad bed….not the O & W rail that Catskill
    Mt. uses…but one that linked to the south and connect out to Hurley. This
    line starts on the other side of Washington Ave. I’ve requested that the county
    bring the trail across Washington Ave and down to the plaza.



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