Five Guys Named Top Burger

Fresh off the presses is Zagat’s fast food survey, which names Five Guys Burgers and Fries as its top choice in the U.S. — beating out California-based In-N-Out Burger as well as McDonald’s, Burger King and a host of other chains. After the news item here hit the wires, there was a flurry of inquisitions for where Five Guys is located. It turned into a top search on Yahoo! by Tuesday afternoon. All anyone knew about the fast food chain was that our President enjoyed the food there once. And you know what? We’ve got a Five Guys right here in Kingston, on Ulster Avenue by the mall.

Last year when it opened, I told a friend who frequents one in New York City. He says the line out the door of the joint is a block long during lunchtime. No wonder.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

3 thoughts on “Five Guys Named Top Burger”

  1. With all due respect, Arthur, it’s amazing what passes as a good burger these days. I’ve been to five guys. Yes, they “make” the burger right in front of you (from a previously frozen patty or two) but it is a) as overcooked as any other chain, b) the toppings are as listless as any other though they put more of them on and c) they use the same beef from one of 5-7 major slaughterhouses in the US, which means that there’s a lot more than beef in ‘dem burgers (like anti-bacterial filler and ammonia).

    Before we sing the praises of a chain that appears slightly better than MacDonald’s and co., everyone should watch the movie Food Inc. again and be reminded that HOW you cook the meat isn’t the issue…it’s the meat and where it comes from. And then…get yourself to Fleishers and buy some of their ground beef or frozen patties, get all the veggie toppings and sides at Kingston Natural Foods Market (shameless plug!) and treat yourself to a burger you can truly feel good about eating (with no offense to our vegetarian/vegan friends).

  2. I wouldn’t make a steady diet of Five Guys but for an occasional burger out I go to them. In and Out is better, at least I think so but they are out west so Five Guys will do in a pinch. Actually, my real favorite burger is the ones they grill at the Hoffman House with cheddar cheese and sweet potato fries with horseradish dipping sauce with a side salad of their house dressing.


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