“Gasland” Documentary Showing with Director Josh Fox and Congressman Maurice Hinchey

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could think drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation in NY State for a natural gas source is a good idea.  Knowing the real environmental dangers and hazard to our surface water in the Southern Tier and Catskills regions is enough to call the whole thing off.

There are options in creating new energy sources. The same is not true with our drinking water. Think about that long and hard.

You must take 20 minutes to view this PBS interview with the director of the film ‘Gasland’. Then consider to make plans to view the film on July 17th – as The Woodstock Film Festival folks are showing a screening of it at the Onteora High School in Boiceville. The director, Josh Fox along with Congressman Maurice Hinchey will be present for questions afterwards. Visit the WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL site for more details.

To get information on what you can do in the region, follow this LINK to visit the Environmental Advocates of New York website.

– Rebecca Martin

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3 thoughts on ““Gasland” Documentary Showing with Director Josh Fox and Congressman Maurice Hinchey”

  1. seems the consideration of the soils was of great concern to Save the Lakes in Rosendale where the types of limestone dictated much more careful wastewater disposal….
    The natural gas mining is a disaster… except for PBS, kinston citizens et al (do NOT forget Network Neutrality… ) citizens will not know.
    There is NO “chinese wall” between advertiser-owner and the news staff.

  2. I have just watched the documentary “Gasland…” and I must say I feel sick in my soul. I really can’t find the words the describe how I feel. I do know that it is time we take BACK our Country for the people that are running this country into the ground….have proved they are weak and have been corrupted by big business. I am just heartbroken for these American Tax Payers who have had their Homes, Lives, Health and Futures destroyed by the GREED of companies like Halliburton and the politicians who have been BP’d …Bought and Paid for….by this company and companies like Halliburton. Cheney should be made to explain what went on in that meeting…..and the so called Halliburton Loophole. Then he should be tarred and feathered and made to wear a sign around his neck…… “Traitor to my Countries Future” and for what…$$$$$$$$$$$.

    “I am damn mad and I’m not going to take it anymore….”


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