Queens Galley Needs Cash to Cook With Gas

KingstonCitizens.org is helping Queens Galley in their effort to raise funds for a new stove that they desperately need. Can you make a donation of $5, $10, $20 or more? Let’s help Diane to feed families in a crisis.

Click on this LINK to donate.

Diane Reeder, Executive Director of Queens Galley writes:

“The oven at the Queens Galley Soup Kitchen in Kingston has finally given up the ghost. After many MANY years of reliable service and the last few years of unreliable service and often repairs it has become unusable.

The soup kitchen served over 101,000 meals in 2009. We continue to try and meet demand the best way we know how…one meal at a time (but without an oven that is pretty difficult to do!)

If you could please help us raise the funds we need to replace our very much needed range it would be appreciated!

You can donate online  or send a check made payable to Queens Galley to 254 Washington Ave Kingston NY 12401.

If you know of a 60 inch 4-6 burner with a griddle/broiler and double oven that is available for donation or at a discount please let us know!”

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  1. Thank you Rebecca, this type of request makes me feel that I can always contribute in some small way,and yet it will help the community.


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