More On a Council-Manager Form Of Government and Term Limits

It’s empowering to learn more on the Council-Manager form of government. Below was taken from the ICMA’s website. Visit this LINK to get resources and to learn more on the subject.

Certainly, if this is too radical for some then we should at least begin a discussion on term limits (see: Rotation in office) on all elected positions in Kingston right away.

It’s up to the citizens now to move towards a government that works. What do you want to do that is productive and helpful?

I suggest we begin at the core right here at home.

– Rebecca Martin

The collection of articles, statistics, and other information—grouped below as ICMA’s Council-Manager Form Resource Packet—will assist you in helping residents, elected officials, and business leaders within your community gain a better understanding of the value that professional management brings to our cities and towns.

ICMA’s origins lie in the council-manager form of local government, which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials (in the form of a council, board, or other governing body) with the strong professional experience of an appointed local government manager or administrator. Under this form, power is concentrated in the elected council, which hires a professional administrator to implement its policies. These highly-trained, experienced individuals serve at the pleasure of the elected governing body and have responsibility for preparing the budget, directing day-to-day operations, hiring and firing personnel, and serving as the council’s chief policy advisor.

Although ICMA actively promotes the council-manager form as the preferred structure, the organization also supports professional management in all forms of local government.

We invite you to use these materials as part of your council-manager form adoption and retention efforts. Click on the link to the packet components and you will be taken to ICMA’s Resource Center, where you will find a description of the material and one or more downloads. In addition to the materials contained in the Council-Manager Form Resource packet, scroll further down this page for a list of other resources, or contact Jared Dailey, assistant program manager, at, for more information on form-of-government issues.

Launching an educational or promotional effort in support of the council-manager form can be difficult, but we hope you find these materials useful. Thank you for helping ICMA advocate the value of professional local government management and good luck with your efforts

4 thoughts on “More On a Council-Manager Form Of Government and Term Limits”

  1. I think the government is absolutely going to change. It’s got something quite new: some very very good people. And the in depth interviews published here are fine journalism, articles worth keeping, well written, very informative. That has to attract more good people, and the government will change. And these materials here are very useful indeed! is a resource with information that can be mined well into the future.

    I noted Arthurs observation, what the Kingston people say about KIngston: “hey, glad I’m not in Newburgh” Low expectations.
    Kingston is a bit of West Virginia, sort of down in a hollow. No train, if you get off at the Thruway,you get “lost in KIngston”, bounded by a river on one side that puts about 8 miles to anything you might want to do on the other side and vice versa mountains on the other.
    Oh, and if you cross from the other side you have to run the gauntlet which is wall to wall shopping in the town of ulster.
    In some sections ofWest Virginia et al, there is little expectation of having teeth when you’re older… you certainly don’t see them in a whole lot of older people. There low to no expectation. Same here. “Hey, it’s Chinatown” becomes “Hey, it’s Kingston”
    And that is changing! Tipping point, critical mass… There are many people who have already tried and have seriously bent picks to show for it.
    ole ole ocean free! or whatever that call was when everyone was to come back from where they were hiding to start the new game.
    Just a wee bit early for that, but soon, very soon.
    I think the Main Street Manager program, the kingston corridor,, is, along with the very very good people, changing things.
    And it’s getting near spring and the ice cream shop on Fair Street/Opera Building just has to be opening soon! I surely hope so. I’d like to see another one, on Broadway, for when I walk the other way on the corridor from my house…

  2. In the late 1980s early 1990s a City Manager Charter was voted on and passed in Kingston. Unfortunately the polticians got another one called the strong mayor form instituted before the City manager form was to take place, which we have been stuck with since.

  3. If we still had Gallo and not Sottile, would this be such a problem?
    But I surely yield to the notion that process is king… and having an educated professional at the helm would certainly be change. I suppose she or he would have to be handsomely paid.
    Apparently, this approach recognizes that the citizens cannot elect an effective, educated, professional leader, assuming one would choose to run. The manager council form, I assume, is far far less prone to abuse. We should have it.
    Still, before I’d build a wall I’d ask what it was I was walling in or walling out: where is our “declaration” and complaint, what sins have been visited on us by this current administration and this current form of government which would then lead to: “therefore, we wish to form a more perfect government”…
    For my own two cents: this current administration in this form doesn’t seem to care for or communicate with it’s citizens or businesses. Whatever informed communication there is in this town seems to happen here. And my thanks and gratitude for that!


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