Taking A Closer Look At City Hall’s Heating And Cooling Problems

For years, we have been perplexed as to why City Hall could not get the heating and cooling system working properly. In the summer months, the A/C blows full on creating an overly dramatic icy environment whether it’s a heat wave or not. In late summer/early fall when the heat kicks in, the windows are opened to allow for it to escape…and that’s because it’s an 80 degree day.

Let’s face it. It’s costing citizens an extraordinary amount all year long – and it’s simply a wasteful and careless way for our money to be spent.

In today’s freeman, there was an article showing movement to aid this problem. (“Kingston CIty Hall Awaits Heat/Air Repair”) What was missing, was more information to help citizens understand why something had to be done. Was there an energy audit? Over what amount of time would the expense be repaid in energy savings, and how much more would citizens save over time once the initial expense was recouped? We’re pretty confident it’s a bundle.

We have requested copies of this important documentation and will be posting it as soon as it arrives. It will be helpful to understand the big picture here. We can’t afford to let this opportunity pass us. If what is currently being proposed isn’t the answer, then we have to work towards one.

– Rebecca Martin

2 thoughts on “Taking A Closer Look At City Hall’s Heating And Cooling Problems”

  1. For the past few years I attended city hall meetings and the AC/Heating system was way out of whack. Then I looked at the bills that City Hall paid and took careful notice of how much we pay Central Hudson every month. Wow. I know that bill includes other city properties but that should be an incentive to get at least City Hall under control. It is probably the biggest “zapper” of energy. Also, they should do an inspection of the windows in City Hall. In one of the conference rooms (#2) the cold air goes blowing thru the room in the winter time. If they cannot afford to do something with the windows perhaps they can install some form of thermo blinds or shades to cutdown on the drafts.

    • Charlie Landi was quoted that during the summer months “secretaries have sweat pouring from their heads”. My experience is that the building is kept far too cold. Regardless, at a time that people are struggling to put food on the table – I think the folks at city hall could be more moderate with the heat and a/c use.

      I am quite sure that the windows at City Hall have been looked into. Contact Steve Noble for details.


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