Citizens Submit! On Growing a Local Economy in Kingston is creating a piece by compiling the ideas of Kingston citizens on what the city of Kingston could do to help improve and grow its local economy. In a paragraph, please share with us and be sure to include your name, occupation and current local endeavors/affiliation.

Send it off to me, Rebecca Martin at:

“What kind of industry or small business venture would you like to see in the city of Kingston?  What incentives could the city of Kingston offer to attract it, and what obstacles are currently in the way?”

4 thoughts on “Citizens Submit! On Growing a Local Economy in Kingston”

  1. Identifying and leveraging the Kingston Corridor, a well marked and well appointed complete street that runs end to end through the city, from the circle to the waterfront.
    Design and publish an identity, clearly mark the paths, insure well lit and safe passage and especially heavy pedestrian use.
    Navigation becomes trivial and shops can advertise themselves as being “on the corridor” or indeed, “just off the corridor”…
    The contains dinner, entertainment, instruction, fitness, repair, all sorts of shopping, parks, hot spots for wi fi, tourist information… and it’s a linear trip…
    Importantly, it gives the city someplace to focus on, and perhaps even to boost and recognize and celebrate. It creates a place where people want to be.
    It is already happening, but needs some structuring… there’s the Basement, Keegan, Seven 21, but it were more the Corridor, one could see that the Kirkland needs attention and inclusion, and that the corridor guys need to recognize each other: UPAC is a great boon to the Corridor but hardly any shops make note that they are near UPAC or on the same street.
    The wonderful library: that’s just off the corridor.
    There is also light manufacturing off the corridor… some great cabinet makers…
    The Kingston Corridor: make it a complete street., and theKingstonCorridor on Facebook
    Having such a place and providing information about: The Kingston Corridor: information for doing business, or, The KIngston Corridor: a listing of available properties, etc…
    Some sign that there is a visible place and that the city is interested and supportive.
    Gerald Berke

  2. Putting together a list of people who are interested and commit to be active, commit to participate to the point that they at least read, comment, and contribute. All the people have good internet access and assistance can be provided to those who wish to commit but need help. This would be a place where business activity in Kingston was the subject, just that. Where a new, interested person could read, ask questions, and get answers. I am reminded of Mr Braby’s note to Plankingston… how well that worked. How nicely he was received. And we found out about a new business person and some fabulous work in restoration he does.

  3. Here’s what I would like to see:

    A historic preservation program associated with the college, perhaps to offer some sort of degree at the end.

    Somewhere in the mix, the City of Kingston could work with targeted neighborhoods to restore the blocks of vintage Queen Anne architecture (like Downs or Elmendorf Sts for example) There is grant money for historic preservation in some places. Tax incentives could be part of it to draw them to certain neighborhoods that can begin the gentrification process. Perhaps the program would draw young people looking to learn about historic preservation (which is a growing industry) to live in Kingston while studying.

    We need to recognize how important this is to the future of the historic neighborhoods of Kingston.

    This city has a gold mine of potential preservation projects.


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