Closing The Senate House In Kingston?

The State proposes to close the Senate House in Kingston in a new round of closing or limiting hours of popular locations to help close the State’s multibillion-dollar budget gap. Seems to be in the hands of the legislature now. Click on this LINK for information on how to contact all of those who represent the City of Kingston. It wouldn’t hurt to contact Ward 2 Alderman Tom Hoffay (EMAIL: PHONE: 845/331-8317) who could provide more helpful information on the subject.

Kingston cannot afford to lose one of its historic attractions.

6 thoughts on “Closing The Senate House In Kingston?”

  1. Closing the Senate House is a terrible idea and would save relatively few taxpayer dollars while seriously harming New York State (not to mention our local) efforts to attract tourist dollars. The Senate House is one of the anchor sites on the heritage tourism map.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’ll make sure that the Friends of Historic Kingston are aware of this threat and urge members to actively oppose it.

  2. I cannot believe that we would abandon one of our city’s and america’s icon to a budget issue. This is despicable and really shows how truly dysfunctional NYS legislature has become. We are suppose to be safeguarding our history. This is our heritage. I am stunned to think this could happen.

  3. Yes. A petition if necessary. But let’s first reach out to our legislators. State assemblyman Kevin Cahill opposes the closing of the Senate House so that’s a good sign. Make some calls by following the link provided. Lowell, alert the Friend’s of Historic Kingston. Let’s keep tabs on the process here so we can organize if we need to.

  4. Would be a pitty, right along the Corridor, right in Uptown, and there is a brand new business opening just across the street!
    There is music there, on the grounds, or inside in bad weather, on Wednesdays… with the new business opening,that’ll be even better…

  5. I think that temporarily closing the senate house would be a good idea. The state needs to close the budget gap and cutting funds to non-vital areas is the best way. It’s not saying forever just until the budget crisis is over.


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