Affordable Healthcare in New York State

As the country struggles to find a sound solution to universal healthcare, we all know many  who are without it.

Back in 2008, I did a little research that I’d like to repost and share with all of you. Below are three options for affordable and in some cases FREE healthcare available to NY State residents who qualify.  Remember that in New York State even someone with a pre-existing condition can receive coverage.

As things change from year to year with healthcare companies,  you might discover new details to the information below. If you do, simply state them in the comment section of this post.

– Rebecca Martin

1. First up, there is great local company in Kingston called Benefit Counseling Associates. DianaLou Wolff can help you to find the most appropriate healthcare provider at NO COST to the subscriber. I took advantage of her services for my family several years ago and had a great experience. Today, I have the best plan that I could afford because of her expertise and assistance. She helped cut through all the red tape and is there as well anytime you have a problem with your insurance company. Call her at: 845/339-1186


COST: Healthcare for a single person as low as $260 per month (with prescriptions)
* This is a New York State program designed to give all people (single/families) health care at an affordable cost.

To Apply:
Individuals and Sole Proprietors Application
Small Employers Application

To Qualify –  Click this LINK to see if you are eligible.
– You must be a New York State Resident.
– Not eligible for medicare (65 +) or disabled.
– Have not had health care for at least a year unless you have lost your insurance due to an involuntary event (lost job, dropped from Cobra plan, etc).
– Meet monthly income qualifications.


COST: FREE to those who qualify

This is another New York State program available to single adults, couples with children and parents with limited income. There is no initial application process. If you feel you would qualify, please call the number above – 877-934-7587. The operator will direct you to a facilitator in your County for an interview.

To Qualify:

– You must be a resident of NY State.
– Be between the ages of 19 and 64
– Have no other health insurance
– Limited assets


COST: Free or minimal cost Health Insurance for your child

For eligibility, click on this LINK or call 800-698-4543.

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