Kingston Named One Of The Top 10 Places To Buy A Home In America

According to Barbara Corcoran on the Today show, the City of Kingston rated #9 as one of the 10 top places to buy a home….in America!

Along with Portland, Maine and even Miami, Florida, the beauty and potential of this historic city is no longer a secret.

We look forward to meeting you, future Kingstonians! Stop by Monkey Joe’s, Hudson Valley Traders or Dolce for a cup of coffee and say hello after you close on your new home.

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– Rebecca Martin

4 thoughts on “Kingston Named One Of The Top 10 Places To Buy A Home In America”

  1. Looks like we have some work to do to earn and/or keep up that status in regard to each and every Ward in the City. Promo is good. Performance is better.

  2. I believe she listed them in a random order so, it’s probably more accurate to say Kingston is among the Top 10 best places to buy a home, rather than ranking #9. And, it’s certainly fair to say that Kingston is the only NY State city to be listed. Great exposure! Wish they hadn’t chosen a split-level home as an example of the appeal of Kingston. Oh well…good press is good press.

  3. Yes. She seemed quite rushed when she got to her #9 city (random or not) only mentioning unemployment here holding steady at 7%.

    There is much work to be done in our small community, but there’s alot to love too. It’s really nice for Kingston to be recognized – once again – on the national media stage. Nice start to the New Year indeed.


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