Water Water Everywhere (But Not The Kind To Drink). Does Kingston Have A Plan?

I’m traveling abroad currently and have happened into the recent floods that Ireland is experiencing now. Due to unprecedented bouts of rain in short periods of time, a good deal of their infrastructure (such as roadways) and residential properties built in the last 20 years are now underwater. Most were built on flood plains. Not a particularly wise move on the Planner’s part, but not particularly unique either.

Although some are slow to blame global warming for the weather’s strange behavior, what is happening in Ireland is right on track with past predictions of warming consequences there.

Flying out of Galway this morning and seeing so much of it consumed by flood water, I wondered whether or not planner’s in Kingston have given the topic the attention it really deserves.

It isn’t unreasonable to make this a top priority, and it would be wise to hold ongoing public meetings and host special guest speakers to help flesh it out. Kingston is already in the midst of some pretty serious flooding and sewage overflow issues.

While we’re at it, how about developing an overall master plan? I don’t think the cost concerns is a good enough reason not to pursue it. Kingston can’t afford not to do it in some shape or form.


KingstonCitzens.org’s “ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS ON KINGSTON” took a closer look at storm water collection as part of a solution. Read more  HERE

On Ireland’s current flood:    FLOOD WATERS.

– Rebecca Martin

1 thought on “Water Water Everywhere (But Not The Kind To Drink). Does Kingston Have A Plan?”

  1. The reason for doing good is that it is good. Respecting the earth is good. Therefore it should be done.
    Global warming may or may not be real: certainly there are some scientists that absolutely disagree and to be sure the data that fits the predicted/expected outcomes is being selected.
    If we don’t absolutely buy the premise that respecting the earth is a good thing, global warming is only part of the problem.
    A question: is it possible to even contemplate correcting for global warming while the population grows?
    A question: is it possible to have a stable population anywhere, anyplace?
    We lack the basic science to answer.
    Respect the earth. Love your mother.


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