Hey, Anonymous – Stand Behind Your Words

What’s up with the anonymous posts on blogs?

I frequent blogs with anonymous posters, and question their validity. The author of the blog could easily be one of those ‘anonymous’ voices. That’s not transparent. What’s more, is that it allows a person to say things that they certainly wouldn’t if their name were attached. How is that useful in moving any debate forward?

Request that your favorite blog who accepts anonymous posts move toward a member driven format.

– Rebecca Martin

3 thoughts on “Hey, Anonymous – Stand Behind Your Words”

  1. Agreed. No one should leave an anonymous post. It weakens what they have to save. In fact, I don’t read anonymous responses at all because there is no validity behind it.

    As a journalist, I’m well aware of the dangers of anonymous sources in stories, which is why they are mostly avoided. But for people who are just offering an opinion, hiding behind an anonymous post is senseless — unless you are trying to manipulate facts or bend truth.

    I suppose there are some people who are just afraid to say how they feel in a public forum. Anonymous posts can shield them. In this case, it is still hard to trust what they say.

  2. Thanks, Juniper. But not exactly.

    I think a better principal for the vast internet blogging world would be to make the process as close as can be to what occurs when a person is face to face with another. There are many gutless turkey’s out there who would say none of what they put into blog posts. I don’t think that’s such a good thing myself.

    It’s quite miraculous that through a blog, people who would never get a chance to share information together can. It also, however, gives some pretty hateful characters a soapbox to stand upon.

    The problem certainly persists – and from what I can tell, is in no way changing anytime soon. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one having integrity….or not. That not only goes for the poster, but to the one managing his/her blog.


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