After The Election: Recycling Campaign Lawn Signs

After an election cycle, have you ever wondered what to do with those campaign lawn signs that you agreed to place on your property? Do you call the candidates and offer them back? Take them apart to recycle them? Re-use them for lawn sales?

I decided to take a look on-line to see if New York State had any lawn sign recycling program in place.

Nope. At least not so far as I could see. There are, however, several municipalities who have created such a thing (in Florida for example and of course California).

I wonder if those running for office would agree to do away with lawn signs. Not plausible? Then how about holding onto them to re-use in the case that they run again in the future. Most everyone has an attic, right?

Here is a good link to ‘Planet Green’ where you can read more about the recycling possibilities.

– Rebecca Martin

3 thoughts on “After The Election: Recycling Campaign Lawn Signs”

  1. This is nice to see. Literally got this right after I posted From the Democratic Party news group list. Go Deborah:

    “Hi, all. Deborah’s (Schneer) signs are recyclable, so please grab them and put them in with your own recyclables. We’re going to save the metal wickets for future campaigns, so please put them aside for now.”

    – RM

  2. I am in process of collecting mine around the ward. Will save , even if it is just for the metal wire stand to use for other signage.


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