Tuesday Primaries

Are you planning to vote at tomorrow’s primary election?

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, September 15th to choose candidates that will run in November’s election.

There is a good rundown in today’s Freeman: “Tuesday Primaries will set the stage for November elections”.

There have been many questions as to why some of our candidates are not yet putting up lawn signs. Only candidates who are to be in the primary elections can post lawn signs at this time. They will all have to come down after Tuesday. All candidates running for office will post lawn signs prior to the November election.

You might also call the Board of Elections to confirm your voting location, in the case that something has changed. Their number is: (845) 334-5470. Polls are open from noon – 9:00pm.

Click on the candidates links below, when available, to learn more about their current platforms.

In Ulster County:

COUNTY JUDGE: (Vying for the Independence Party Nomination)
Rep. Donald A. Williams vs. Dem. Deborah S. Schneer

District 5 LEGISLATURE: (Vying for the Independence Party Line). Voters select 2.
Rep. Fred Wadnola vs. Dem. Brian Cahill
Rep. James Maloney has forced an opportunity-to-ballot contest for the ballot.

District 6 LEGISLATURE: (Vying for Democratic line). Voters select 2.
Dem. Jeannette Provenzano vs. Dem. Frank Dart vs. Dem. Mike Madsen

WARD 1: (opportunity to ballot, Republican line)
Andi Turco-Levin

WARD 8: (Vying for Conservative line). Voters select 1.
Dem. Robert Senor vs. Rep. Todd Langon

WARD 9: (Vying for Democratic line).
Dem. Hayes Clement vs. Dem. Mark Halwick

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