Swine Flu In Ulster County

We’ve read that flu vaccinations this fall might mean three visits to the doctor’s office.

With the recent discussion on the progression of swine flu, it has been reported that a dose of the expected strand of flu virus this season would be followed by two separate inoculations for swine flu to help cut the risks of contracting and spreading the virus.

Vaccines are a tricky subject in general. With the rush to create a swine flu vaccine, we suggest that our readers take the time to do some very thorough research. That, and eat your greens.

Not long ago, the media reported that residents be prepared for a potential outbreak by storing at least three weeks worth of food and water. Consumption is what keeps the American economy ‘strong’. With a major slump in consumer spending…

Authorities are wishing to change the term ‘swine flu’ to the strand of virus known as “H1N1”. They want to be certain that families understand the virus cannot be transmitted through the food that they eat. It is true that you may not contract swine flu from your Easter ham, but it is well known that the conditions created through factory farming is indeed why we are in this mess.

Food for thought: Food, Inc