Nature on the Trails

Rail Trail near the Rosendale-New Paltz Border
Rail Trail near the Rosendale-New Paltz Border

I’m lucky to know Julie and Steve Noble, environmental educators at the Forsyth Nature Center as well as board members of the Kingston Land Trust. Yesterday, the three of us biked down to New Paltz from Kingston and along the way I was treated to their expert knowledge of all things about the environment.

Our journey began at the rail trail head near the Super 8 Motel here in Kingston. From there we headed south toward Marbletown, passing through several types of wildlife habitats. The trail ended in High Falls, where we headed East along Route 213, picking up another rail trail that took us to New Paltz — the bulk of which was an acquisition of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust many years ago. It was an amazing trip that I recommend to bikers of any skill level. And if you can’t bring along an environmental educator, take some field guide books with you. Here’s what we saw (and heard), from Julie’s notes:

Green Heron

B.H. Cowbird

Blue Jay

Mourning Doves

Great Blue Heron



Yellow Warbler


Tree Swallows


E. Starlings

Turkey Vulture

N. Oriole


Red Bellied


Black Rat Snake

Cottontail Rabbits

E. Chipmunks

E. Garter Snake

Painted Turtles


Red Tail Hawk

Rock Doves

Bald Eagle

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