Making a Green Difference This Saturday

This just in from the organizers of Make a Difference Day:

The Everette Hodge Community Center and Franklin Street (from Broadway to Prospect) will be the site for the Fourth Annual Midtown Make A Difference Day on Saturday, June 13.

This healthy living and community awareness street festival is sponsored by the Ulster County Multi-Service Center at the City of Kingston Everette Hodge Center with the Rose Women’s Care Services, Ulster County Office For the Aging and Kingston CARES, Kingston Area Library and Kingston Boys & Girls Club as well as other local community-based agencies and businesses. There will be live music, a walk through the city from City Hall, exhibits, arts and crafts, a bike safety workshop, face painting, free food and more.

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Heading Into Summer…

Marina in the Garden
Marina in the Garden

If I could just be a bit selfish for a moment, I’d like to share the image with you here of my daughter Marina. She loves the garden — and picking flowers for Mom, as you can see. Marina tends our strawberry patch and helps weed and water the garden. It’s wonderful to see a child connect to the earth in a simple and gratifying way. Hope you are enjoying this spring, and look forward to summer as much as I do.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz