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The Times Herald-Record, which once had a bureau here in Kingston on North Front Street, is back in town. At the peak of its editorial zest and news breaking zeal, the old bureau housed John Milgrim (now working for the AG in Albany), Paul Brooks (still with the Record) and Eric Krieger (photo editor now at the Albany Times-Union).

This time around, the Middletown-based newspaper has assigned Adam Bosch to the Kingston beat. Below is a note he sent out introducing the coverage. We wish him well, and know that the more journalists covering Kingston the better. So, if you have a news tip, send it his way. Good luck, Adam!

Dear all:

It’s been great to meet all of you these past three weeks.

I’ve learned a lot about Kingston and the Ulster County Government so far. I’ve learned to keep quarters in my pocket for the parking meters, the girls from Marlboro might show up to sing before the Legislative meeting, and that the best way to get a few minutes with Mike Hein is to hop in an elevator with him. I hope that gets back to you, Mike.

Enough of my subpar jokes.

I am writing to point out two new parts of my newspaper’s Website that I am developing and updating to keep my readers posted on the latest news and happenings around town.

The first is a so-called landing page where you can find all of the Record’s Ulster County coverage. You can see that by going to

And the second–my favorite part, personally–is a blog called “The Kingston Report” that I will be updating several times a week with community events, political jostling and other news tidbits. You can find the Kingston Report by going to

Also, feel free to contact me with story ideas. I want to hear about people doing extraordinary things, neighbors who are struggling to keep their jobs and houses, and, of course, developments inside the halls of our government.

You can e-mail me here: or call my cell phone at 845.800.6587.

Best regards,

Adam Bosch

2 thoughts on “Kingston on the Record”

  1. Yes! I remember Josh. I worked in the bureau as a floater, also working in the bureaus in New Paltz and Ellenville (yep…on Market Street).

    Josh and John were a riot. They would tie up former Mayor Gallo on the phone, keeping him busy so the Freeman couldn’t get a story or quote.

    Josh went on to work at a New Jersey paper, and won a pulitzer as part of a team of reporters. Fun times.

    — Arthur Zaczkiewicz


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