In Support of Journalism

As newspapers  falter (the latest possible candidate being the Boston Globe, a victim of poor revenue and a labor contract dispute), the need for content remains strong. People want and need to be informed, which is why the Yahoo! discussion groups as well as this blog are so important.

Just in the past few weeks, we’ve seen how has gathered volunteers to work in community and school gardens, and identify and plan a meeting on quality of life issues such as motorcycle noise in the Rondout. Great stuff that builds community.

In Kingston, there are some great news sources such as the Kingston Times and the Daily Freeman as well as several radio stations and websites (and blogs) that break news. Of course there are many people who complain about Kingston’s news sources. Still, the Freeman and Times can’t be everything to everyone. And I for one, don’t want them to be. Variety of voice and perspective is important. I read them all.

I shudder to imagine a democracy without newspapers, their websites and relevent content. How would lawmakers manage and create laws without a checks and balances, and the voice and input of the people?

So, we’ve said it before and will say it again: support your local newspaper (or website or radio station). Our democracy depends on their success.

2 thoughts on “In Support of Journalism”

  1. I will say the same thing that I said to the Freeman publisher. Newspapers are being designed to fall; it’s called corporate rule over governments……….

    What is lacking in the media?
    a. Investigative reporters with a commitment to alternative GREEN industries. Why investigative reporters; The GREEN movement has its origins in the 60’s with the families that stepped out of the main stream…….
    b. There is only one time that DEBT becomes non-existant: When viable economies rise out of the SICKNESS Syndrome of todays corporate society. We are actually listed on my son’s scholastic Yahoo site as being the worlds only country that is RESPONSIBLE TO THE CORPORATION 7 it is the CORPORATION that is suppose to be responsible to the public…..!
    c. Once again: JOBS DO NOT CREATE AN ECONOMY but a GREEN ECONOMY creates TRUE MEANINGFUL EMPLOYMENT with liiving wages!


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