Make a Difference This Week

The Parks and Recreation Department announced its annual “spring cleanup” of city parks and is encouraging folks to volunteer on April 25 in the effort as part of Global Youth Services Day. See the Freeman story, here.

Noteworthy is that Ward 1 resident Alina Denarie is organizing the Kinderland Playgound cleanup that day. Interested in helping? Contact her at

If unable to  pitch in on the public projects, residents are urged to clean up their neighborhoods. Thanks to Steve and Julie Noble and other community leaders who are spearheading this campaign. Well done!

Under the constraints of current budget conditions, this year is more important than ever in regard to pitching in to help the parks and recreation department and our city. Moreover, cleaning up our neighborhoods is not only a great way to beautify the area, but also to meet your neighbors.

Would you consider organizing a neighborhood clean up? If yes, just do it. Invite your neighbors over for a planning meeting this week. Pool together resources such as brooms and bags. See if someone can serve as a recycling volunteer. Make a difference in your neighborhood this week.

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