Lessons in Civil Disobedience

dsc_0022Over 200 Kingston High School students walked off campus and gathered on the sidewalk at City Hall about 11 a.m. today to protest the school’s pending “closed campus” proposal. One student said she wasn’t sure who had organized the walkout, but said school officials had warned students earlier in the day that they would be suspend any student who participated in the walk out. “How are they going to suspend all of these people?” another student said as others cheered and encouraged their peers to join them on the City Hall side of Broadway. Three times a group of students walked back to the campus to collect more protesters. All of the students cheered. Kingston Police were on hand to ensure safety, but the crowd was — for the most part — well behaved.

Later, Gabe Cicale, co-owner of Monkey Joe Coffee Roasting, said he had talked to members of the school board who asked his opinion of a closed campus and its impact on business. “The decision should not be made with the local businesses in mind,” Cicale said adding that the decision is larger and more complex than just realizing any impact on business.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

3 thoughts on “Lessons in Civil Disobedience”

  1. In my mind and heart, I have not come to a conclusive decision about the closed campus proposal, however I give lots of credit to the student organizers and participants of the “walk off”. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you want, and even more to keep it peaceful!


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