I’ll Have the Chop Suey


As this wiki article points out, Chop Suey is likely a pure American-Chinese invention — one that has found a place in our popular culture. From Edward Hopper to Sinclair Lewis, chop suey is ingrained in our cultural DNA.

The story also has a photo of Kingston’s own Chop Suey sign, which are rare today. The sign belongs to Eng’s Chinese Restaurant on Broadway. If you get a chance to eat there, please do. The food is great. You’ll also learn from a small sign in the lobby that Eng’s was established in 1927 (first on Wall Street, which featured the old “Tea Garden” sign), and is likely to be the oldest Chinese food restaurant between New York and Albany.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

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  1. I was a patron back in the 1950’s when the lines were down the street & up the stairs every Friday; it was pay-day & elbow room only on Wall Street & North front Street!

    They were fun times………. ith a flourishing economy on $0.75 per hour salaries……..


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