Uptown Snow Removal


City workers got to work on Wall Street early today, removing snow and ice that was piled high from two snowstorms.

Earlier this week several business owners complained out loud that the snow was eating up much of the parking, and making it difficult to park on Wall and North Front streets.

Pictured above is snow that was bulldozed in front of the courthouse before it was loaded onto dump trucks.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

1 thought on “Uptown Snow Removal”

  1. I read in the paper that this is the Mayor’s way of controlling expenses by cutting down on the snowplowing and clearing snow after hours to avoid overtime .Does this make any sense?

    So once again the retail establishments have to deal with the issues of people getting to their stores and the city is not helping the situation. And they wonder why business is not booming in the city? Do they really need a Main St.Manager to recognize this problem? How about taking the $50,000 and use it to maintain problem areas in the city that cannot be covered by DPW.


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