Chilly Goat Hill


I know the weather was balmy today, but this snow-filled picture reminded me that we still have a few weeks of winter left.

From Ward 9’s Kate Lawson:

35 DuFlon St – a.k.a. Billy Goat Hill.  It’s the only one house street I know of in town.  Thankfully the snow is hiding the rotting front porch!  It’s where I hang my hat at the end of a day.  It’s a great family well of days gone by and memories not to be forgotten.  It’s a murky vision of hope.  It’s why I am slowly becoming a better, active citizen.

Feeding the Community

Our friends Kevin and Barbara are just back from a trip to New Orleans, and shared this site with us that was of note.

The Hollygrove Growers Market & Farm is a ” storefront retail center in Hollygrove offering locally-grown, affordable fresh produce as well as ‘green jobs’ certification programs in urban agriculture” — a program born out of the need to redevelop New Orleans, post-Katrina.

What’s interesting is that this is the sort of project that can work in an urban setting such as Kingston. The bottom line is about getting healthy food to people.

For our part, Rebecca Martin’s work with Victory Gardens and Jennifer McKinley’s work at the Kingston Food & Gardens buying club have the same aim. It’s nice to see that Kingston is trend right on important issues.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

The Mayor’s State of the City

We’ll try this again…

Here’s Jim Sottile’s state of the city address:
State of the City
of Kingston 2009

Before I review the state of the city of Kingston this year, I first want to reflect on the gratitude I feel for the people of this community. No matter what challenges we have faced or what the future brings, we have always drawn strength from each other. In this small, tight-knit community, that means everything. Our rich history is woven together by its people. From Sojourner Truth to George Clinton to the modern day heroes of Kingston, who care for the children, drive the busses and pick up the garbage, we can be grateful.

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