Now is the Time to Unite

When Martin Luther King, Jr. made a famous speech at a certain march on D.C. in 1963, he told those in attendance that, “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment.”

He was referring to the Civil Rights Movement, but this thought is relevent now, here in Kingston.

As president-elect Obama takes the helm of the country, local folks here in Kingston need to step up to the plate. We need to help one another at this critical time. We need to create unity.

On that last point, our most recent survey showed as of today that most people — 46 percent — in the city say “unity” is what Kingston needs the most.

The first step, of course, would be to work toward changing your own mindset. Look at Kingston not as a place with three distinct sections (uptown, downtown and midtown) and nine separate wards, but as one city with many different neighborhoods.

When people ask where you live, just say “Kingston” instead of midtown or uptown or where ever.

While you are thinking Kingston to be one, look at your own block the same way. Look at it not as a bunch of separate houses, but a single neighborhood where people have one amazing thing in common: they are all neighbors.

These are the seeds of community.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

3 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Unite”

  1. We live in Kingston, first capital of the Royal Dutch Empire of the America’s & renamed New York when the Royal Dutch absorbed England into their Empire of Brittan & given the Bill of Rights of Norway & which became the “Bill of Rights” of the US as compromise to the Human Rights that were to be INCLUDED into our Constitution along with our Uniqe Pre-amble……..!

    I still say that each Ward should form coffee/tea groups designated to what form of cancer, diabetes, etc. that theyy have, no cares about what is causing them – just dreaming of the CURE………! As I said….. no one want the cash cows to stop, look at Benedictine Hospital – proudly boasting their Oncology Center,oppps, I mean CANCER CENTER!

    Welcome to No Where Land………..

  2. Arthur,

    I’m still looking forward to YOU saying a few words (each speaker will have approximate 5-10 minutes) at tonight’s Muddy Cup Inaguration Party. This party is about all of us coming together to celebrate the incoming Obama-Biden administration – to ecourage bipartisanship – and to encourge community involvement / participation… (You can speak on any or all of this).

    It is also about celebrating OURSELVES (a vital component too) and having some (much needed for some of us) fun!

    Thank You,



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