2 thoughts on “Is Kingston heading in the right direction? Take our poll:”

  1. The Planning Board is hand picked, the Zonong Board is hand picked, the Mayor is myopic, the major economy of Kingston is the christianated hospital system based on prevailing sicknesses being maintained with trement centers!

  2. The Plannig Board is personaly appointed, the Zoning Board is personally appointed, the Mayor is myopic, the council is in a state of confusion from pesticide toxicity…………

    The major industry is the newly formed christian hospital system where woman’s health services were forced to relocate & the NYS tax payer forced to foot the bill, and sickness maintenance is proudly displayed.

    Each city ward should be opening coffee/tea groups for those proud citizens exhalting their cancer, diabetes, etc., etc. etc. all awaiting their CURE ~ anyone concerned with the causes of these sickness is accepted as a freak of corporatized society……………..

    philip gurrieri


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