Alderman Information Updated at

As most know, what we thrive on here at is to encourage and nurture the ongoing communications between our elected Alderman and the constituents, AKA Kingston citizens!

With three new Alderman in place (Wards 1, 5 and 9) and the reorganization of committees by Council President Jim Noble, we have updated our site to make being in contact a cinch.

Visit KINGSTONCITIZENS.ORG and click on any of the Wards of interest.  You can become a member (or just follow along) of any of the Ward Yahoo! discussion groups. Most Alderman are members of theirs –  making it simple to ask a question or express an idea specific to your Ward in the company of other members/neighbors.

You can find all nine Yahoo! Groups at the top of this page, right hand side bar or by visiting

Take advantage of this tool. was created to help inspire real change through organization and communication from the ground up.

Please give us a holler if there are any bits of information we might have missed.

Here’s to a new year of better communication and government transparency.

– Rebecca Martin